How to Choose the Best French Garage Doors


To select the best French garage doors, home owners should choose a look that complements their home, and a design that keeps to their budget. These doors can be custom designed to match a house, or chosen from a catalogue of designs that are built to a universal sizing system. The doors could hinge open towards the outside, or be pulled up in sections and housed in the ceiling of the garage. Each kind of construction gives unique benefits to a home owner and comes with varying prices for materials and installation.

A traditional French garage door consists of double doors designed to open away from the center of the space, using opposite hinges. This type of door is bought through special ordering from most garage door supplier manufacturers or via on-line ordering. Home owners can see different materials and construction via mail order or using an on-line catalogue to determine which type of garage door is best suited for the look of their house. These unique doors are sometimes constructed to fit predetermined sizing charts, but, many manufacturers are happy to provide custom built doors for their clients for a higher price.

The different kinds of styles are sometimes made from wood and wrought iron to create a look of provincial France. Wrought iron ornaments mixed with tempered glass may be placed on the exterior of many of these doors to give the appearance of intricate patterns of vines and leaves. The main reason for these doors is to improve the appearance of a house, along with being functional to protect vehicles and belongings. Outward opening French garage doors need more clearing space on the outside of the house than overhead sectional ones, to allow the doors to hinge away from the garage completely. A specialized door opener may be required to force the doors open using a hinged method instead of pulling the door up toward the ceiling of the garage, as most traditional openers are made to do.

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