Overhead Garage Door Installation and Its Specifics

Do you want to replace your heavy current garage door with something that is more modern and easier to operate? We recommend you consider installing an overhead garage door. We, at Brooks Overhead Garage Door, are ready and capable of providing you with a garage door installation that is sturdy, durable, and easy to maintain at a price that will not be too heavy on your budget. You can make use of our services if you reside in or around Bellaire, TX.

Whenever you consider purchasing a new garage door for our property, you should think of your convenience first. There is a multitude of designs, styles, and models on the markets and picking the right one for your needs might be difficult. To make an educated choice that is both practical and appealing, make sure you consult a garage door installation specialist like us. Here, we would like to provide you with some information about overhead garage doors and their characteristics.

In the past, the typical version of an overhead garage door installation would resemble a heavy, one-piece panel, mounted on each side of the frame with hinges and opened by a lifting mechanism. Nowadays, there are newer versions that are more safe, convenient, and secure. Overhead garage doors are now built from several panels (sections) that are hinged together and move along a system of tracks, guided by the so-called rollers. The weight of such a garage door can still be heavy, depending on its type, model, and specific purpose, but it is balanced and secured by either extension springs or a torsion spring system. The client can request a remote controlled motorized mechanism to be added for easier opening of the garage door and quicker access to the garage itself.

Sectional overhead doors are usually constructed of up to eight panels that slide up. They occupy exactly as much internal garage space as monolithic doors but have two major advantages over them:
– When open, they do not require any additional space outside the garage. You can park your vehicle in close proximity to the garage before opening the door.
– Each door panel/section is connected to the door track on its own, thus increasing the reliability and robustness of the installation, while single-panel doors have only a few track connections for the entire panel.


If you have questions and want to receive more information about the overhead garage doors, contact Brooks Overhead Garage Door at (713) 714-0019 for a consultation. We are also at your disposal anytime for a quick and hassle-free installation anywhere you need us in Bellaire, TX!