Choosing the Right Garage Door Supplier and Installation For Your Needs

Is your garage door hard to lift or sagging? Do you want to replace it with a new one that is easy to operate and maintain? In this case, you should turn to a specialist to guide you through the process of choosing and purchasing a new door! We, at Brooks Overhead Garage Door, are here to help you with this. As a garage door supplier with extensive experience and knowledge in the field, we will assist you in the most professional manner. You can take advantage of our outstanding residential services in Bellaire, TX and the surrounding areas.

Choosing the right garage door for your property is a tough decision to take. It is an investment that will be part of your home and used for many years to come. That is why you have to be familiar with the characteristics of a garage door and consider a few factors before making a purchase from a garage door supplier like us. Read on to learn more!


When choosing a garage door, most homeowners set its appearance as their top priority. Garage doors often take up a big part of the house’s exterior and have an immediate impact on its curb appeal. Nowadays, there are many different materials, designs, and styles to choose from. You can choose between a more traditional, more rustic, or a more modern look. There is also a wide range of paint and stain options to complement the style you choose and match the siding, trim, or shutters of the house.

The material used to make the door is maybe the most important part of the whole picture. It determines the durability of the door and what external impacts it can withstand; the amount of annual maintenance it requires; and how long it will last as a whole. When picking a material, you should consider not only the style of your property and the purpose of the door, but also the location, door exposure, and weather conditions.

– Wood garage doors offer beauty and craftsmanship but take extra care, regular painting, or staining. You can opt for a fiberglass garage door that provides less maintenance along with the natural-looking wood surface combined with durable steel construction, thus keeping the charm of real wood without the cracks, warping, or rot;
– Steel garage doors, are extremely durable and only occasionally need cleaning or touchups;

– Vinyl garage doors are rust-free, resistant to dents, do not need any repainting, and can last even longer, especially in areas with a lot of moisture;
– Aluminum garage doors are relatively maintenance-free but do not have as much insulation as other garage doors and are not ideal for areas with extreme temperatures. They are made of aluminum frames and glass panels that come in a variety of colors and options.

The insulation of your garage door is as important as anywhere else in your home. It can help reduce the energy costs and the outside noise, as well as operate ensure your door operates more quietly. There are two types of insulation – polystyrene and foamed-in-place polyurethane. Doors with polystyrene insulation are usually thicker, but those with polyurethane are better insulated, stronger, and quieter.

You might be surprised by how affordable a garage door can be, especially if you work with a proficient garage door supplier like Brooks Overhead Garage Door. Of course, as a homeowner, you decide on how much you want to spend on a garage door, but the general rule is that it should be approximately 1% of your home’s value. When considering the investment, remember that you probably will not make another one for many years, if ever. At the same time, the door you choose will have a significant impact on your home and household. Spending a few extra dollars will also instantly raise the value of your home and earn you a good return if you decide to sell.

If you have questions and want to receive more information about the garage door options that we offer, turn to us for a comprehensive consultation. In case you have already decided on the garage door you want for your property in Bellaire, TX, order it from us at (713) 714-0019 today!