What exactly are overhead doors?


Overhead doors are referred to garage doors that pull up from the bottom and, when open, they stay over the top of the car. This type of doors is popular in residential and commercial garages. They are a good choice due to the fact that they give efficient use of space.

If you want to put garage doors on your home, overhead ones are available in several different designs. The type you choose depends on several factors. Wooden and fiber glass doors are considered the most attractive ones; however, steel provides a durable and care free option.

While aesthetics do play a part in choosing what kind of overhead garage you pick, it is not the only factor. Garage doors come insulated and not insulated. Should you live in a mild climate, the savings of an overhead door that is not insulated will make this a more attractive choice. In extreme climates, insulated overhead garage doors are a better option.

If your garage connects to your house, an insulated door is a very wise and good investment. The insulated door makes the garage more comfortable, and your vehicle. If connected to your house, it prevents cold air from coming into the house.

Overhead garage doors are popular because when they open they take up no room at all within the garage. The door runs on a track which does not need much space. The only area where this type of door could suffer from lack of room is if the garage doesn’t have much head room.

The door has to be high enough to clear your car when parked in the garage and cannot touch the ceiling of the garage. Should you have an automatic door opener, you will have to take into account the room this takes up also. If your garage ceiling is low, take some measurements before visiting your garage door installation service.

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